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The Gift of Trees

When St. Louis Tree Pros started business in early 2015 we wanted to do good.  Of course, we wanted to offer quality service to customers, but what else could we do?

As avid outdoors people, we rely on our natural resources to provide more than fresh air.  We depend on trees for our way of life, a place for recreation, a place to make memories, and a place to teach our children immeasurable lessons.  That’s why we needed to come up with a way to give back from what we take.

For every inch of diameter we remove, we donate to the Arbor Day Foundation to have a tree planted.  If we remove a 10 inch diameter tree, we have 10 trees planted.

PSA from ArborDay Foundation

PSA from ArborDay Foundation

Why did we choose the Arbor Day Foundation?

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation and education organization, their mission statement is this:

We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.  

Where are these trees planted?

This donation directly aids in tree plantings in our National and State Forests.  These trees are being replanted to offset the damage caused by 4 major triggers: fire, weather, disease, and insects.  Check out the Arbor Day Foundation website to learn about their projects.



Postcard Front

That's why we plant a tree for every inch of diameter we remove.

Back of postcard.




In 2016 after each removal we are sending our customers a postcard to inform them of our measured donation and to thank them for supporting our company.  We hope our customers value this act, and encourage other businesses they support to give back in their related profession.

In addition to monetary donations, St. Louis Tree Pros also donates our time to local community service projects.  We recently volunteered with the Open Space Council of St. Louis removing Bush Honeysuckle.  This effort was part of a larger Honeysuckle Sweep orchestrated by the Missouri Botanical Garden.  One goal for the week of March 5-13 was to remove 35,000 square feet of Bush Honeysuckle!  We had a great time and are looking forward to working with them and more thoughtful St. Louisans.


Know of ways we can do better to make ourselves a company that gives?  Know an organization that needs volunteers? Let us know, and it may be our next project!