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1,115 trees and counting…

From January to August we have now donated 1,150 trees to our public lands with the Arbor Day Foundation!


We are grateful to have the ability to contribute to the future of our forests.  Thank you to all the great customers who make our company strong.  By choosing St. Louis Tree Pros you are not only “supporting local”, but also supporting a greater cause.

Our state and local forests are negatively impacted by fire, pests, disease, and deforestation at an alarming rate.  The Arbor Day Foundation has many reforestation projects in the United States and beyond.  Currently our donations are assisting efforts in the United States.

Didn’t know about our treemendous tree-inch giving?  For every removal in the St. Louis area we donate 1 tree per inch of diameter lost.  So if we remove a 14 inch diameter tree in Brentwood, we will donate to the Arbor Day Foundation to have 14 trees planted on our public lands!


Our local ecosystem needs help too!   Bush honeysuckle threatens the biodiversity of our region.  That’s why we are planning on volunteering with the Open Space Council October 15. Check out their webpage (here!) to learn more about this and other upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Do you volunteer with a environmental stewardship organization?  Do you need some more helping hands?  Email us at and we may be able to help with your event.