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Professional Tree Care Services

Full-Service Tree Care from Certified Arborists

From pruning to preservation to removal, St. Louis Tree Pros offers a variety of professional tree services to help maintain the health and care of your trees and landscaping. Not sure what you need? Call us out for a free, no-obligation tree service consultation!


Tree Pruning

Pruning is important for your tree's development and appearance by controlling dead or dying branches, providing necessary clearance and ensuring a healthy, well-balanced structure until it reaches maturity.


Tree Preservation

If not properly trained from a young age, trees develop co-dominant stems and may need cabling and bracing. We start your tree on the right path or correct deviant behavior and monitor the tree's health for years.


Planting & Landscaping

Our unique landscaping service stands out in the St. Louis area since we feature native plants that include environmental benefits and low maintenance care, while still retaining a clean and beautiful landscape.


Cabling/Bracing & Lightning Protection

We fix trees that pose a risk of structural failure by distributing the load evenly. Lightning protection uses cable to conduct the strike away from the tree and other structures near it.


Tree Removal

We may be in the business of conserving trees, but sometimes urban trees can pose a high risk in certain situations. St. Louis Tree Pros can safely remove your trees if it becomes a necessity.


Construction Consults

If you're planning to design on a new site, build an addition, or remodel an existing house, our arborists can help plan, implement and maintain the landscaping project that will increase your home value.

Quality, Affordable Tree Services from Start to Finish