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Choosing the Best Tree Company for the Job

Everyone has had that “you get what you pay for” moment at some point in life whether it was when you were a kid trying to make peace with the fact that your G.I. Bob toy was no substitute for Joe or as an adult when you made the mistake of hiring your nephew as your wedding photographer.

As with most trade work, choosing qualified, experienced professionals gives you the foot up on cheaper labor that can’t guarantee a job well done. Cheaper services often don’t get done right or done at all leaving you with your original problem minus the money you originally considered a steal… because it was.

What should I look for in a tree company?

You should always and only choose an ISA certified arborist for any tree care needs.

When looking at distressed trees, many unqualified workers will recommend inappropriate treatments or improper diagnoses. (For example: Almost every company will try to sell you a chemical treatment without even knowing why the tree is being damaged. All to make more money off of unsuspecting clients.) This treatment without PROPER diagnosis is malpractice.

What does it mean to be a certified arborist?

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) was developed in the 1980s and became the definitive certification program for tree care professionals. Each arborist must have a minimum of three years full time experience in the tree care industry and they must pass an extensive arboriculture exam. Arborists are the real deal that can channel their higher education and experience to properly diagnose your tree care needs and implement the correct solution.

Make sure your tree is being properly diagnosed.

Properly diagnosing trees is a difficult practice that few people actually do properly.

Unfortunately, there are very few tree companies in St. Louis that place proper tree care above making money. It can cost way more in the future to remove a tree that was not properly cared for than the extra cost of having it originally maintained by an expert.

Ask questions and expect educated answers.

As the customer, you should make sure proper safety equipment is being used and proper industry practices are being followed according to the ANSI Z133 protocol. Granted, you may not know the exact protocol, but you can tell whether proper safety measures are being taken.

Also, ensure that the arborists are extremely well educated in subjects like tree biology, environmental ecology, municipal ordinances and industry standards. You don’t have to be an expert yourself or hand out a quiz – just start a conversation and make sure they seem confident about what they are discussing. Their replies should be more educational than sales-driven.

Make sure the company has insurance.

This goes for any company that you bring out to your house to get on your roof or climb your trees or tear down your walls. Make sure they have the appropriate liability and workers compensation insurance. Ask to see the certificates.

Make sure your tree care company has references.

Ask around town or contact the references on the company website to see how their experience went. For small businesses especially, reputation is everything. In the same way, if you’re pleased with the care you receive, offer a testimonial of your own to help other prospective customers make a decision.

Meet with the tree care professional in person.

Most tree companies offer a free estimate so they can preview the site and discuss what tree care services are available. This is a good way to get to know the individual representative and gauge their professionalism and knowledge. Ask as many questions as you like and learn more about your options so your trees get the proper care they need.

St. Louis Tree Pros would love to add you to our growing list of glowing testimonials. We’re proud to serve the St. Louis and surrounding areas with our unparalleled tree service and expertise. Call us out for a free estimate and see how we can bring your tree care to the next level.